competent council

I am in the process of learning common law. all of this began from searching the means by which i could access the “right to competent council”. To me, i am the most competent, it is my property. i am referring to my house in Long Island, New York. 

all to often “we” have been intimidated by the judicial process, and with good reason. the present statutory code(s)(for the most part) do not benefit man, rather they benefit a club that the common man is not a party to.

i should further explain that in the past i have hired attorneys and did not quite understand why i had the feeling that that great guy that i hired, strung me along and threw me under the bus(federal court). Relatable to many, of that i am sure.

i have also gone “pro se” in the past with success, however, that underlying uneasiness was still present(family court).

common law is the polar opposite of statutory code. common law is not a theory, it is law. statutory code is written by the same members of the club, it is their opinion of how YOU should be ruled.

i do not wish to be ruled by anyone. i know the difference between right and wrong. i know that i have always had the choice as to whether i cause another man wrong or not.

i believe in fair warning.

i believe that there are portions of government that do benefit man and portions that do not.

it is to my benefit that i hold my own court when a matter becomes that which cannot be reconciled privately. that part i did forget about. the entire purpose of court is to settle controversy when an agreement cannot be reached privately. i am a (wo)man and i make mistakes, that is what makes me human, and not an actor of the court.




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