let’s call it a “box” instead of “pictures OF my box “

Mark and Susie are in love. Together they purchase a box(mutual consent).Things don’t work out for Mark and Susie, but each still hold  equal access to the box.

Susie moves on after she puts her half of the box on a shelf in the closet. 

Mark takes his half of the box and shakes it up a bit. He takes his half of the box and puts it on display.

Mark or Susie can do whatever he or she wants with the box, as long as it does not cause harm to the other. When the box is used to cause harm to man or woman(non consensual) is where the controversy begins. 

When the sexuality of the box is taken away and you are left with either a tangible or intangible box, many of “your” presumptions are erased. Your judgement of what is IN the box is gone, because it truly doesn’t matter. 

Mark and Susie have held equal shares of the box even though they are not together anymore. It is the choice (will) of man or woman to do wrong or not, with the box.

Let us suppose that Mark does not realize that his actions are causing Susie harm. Susie tells Mark that his actions are causing her harm (fair warning). Mark continues his actions that cause Susie harm (trespass).

It is as simple as that.

Steve walks by the box that Mark has put on display and has left on display, against Susie’s fair warning. Steve decides (will) that he wants a piece of the box that was left unattended(exposed) by Mark.

Steve takes the box,chops it up and puts it on display in all of Macy’s windows.

Is Mark now responsible for Steve’s actions? No.

Steve is only responsible for his actions (good or bad).

Mark is only responsible for his actions (good or bad).

Tom, George,Harry, and Joe have walked by the box and kept walking. None of the aforementioned man (men) have decided to use that box in any manner that causes harm to another man or woman.

Take that same box and give it another label (ie; property).

Maybe then man and woman will realize who the wrongdoer is. 


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