i, am anti corruption, not anti government

the entire purpose (to i) of free will, is that a (wo) man self govern’s “himself/herself” as to whether “he” will cause harm to man or not.

government agents arrest pedophiles, murderers and rapists everyday to protect (wo)man from further injury. therefore, i am not making a blanket statement about government, i am simply restating that it is an individual choice, no matter what government position that “person” may hold, as to whether he or she will benefit man or not.

a woman told me a story yesterday about what had happened to her brother. do i know that all she told me was true? no. i wasn’t there, i have no first hand knowledge, i am only relaying his story as told by his sister.

a thirty one year old man was incarcerated for being a “habitual offender” of driving without a license. prior to entering the prison system he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. he did not receive medical care pertinent to his condition while serving time. instead, as the brain tumor grew, he was put in solitary confinement because their opinion was that he was “acting drunk”. he died. he has three children.

his sister then stated that she was contacted by multiple attorneys and she doesn’t know how they received her information or the circumstances surrounding her brother’s death.

who is to be held accountable? is it the court system that punishes based upon statutory code? why did he not receive proper medical care for his condition? is the accountability on the prison guards? my biggest question is; why is it that  man (attorneys) only come forward when there is money involved for them? is that not solicitation?